Custom Clearance

Our team is well versed in the field of logistics and supply chain management. We deliver inter modal logistics chain solutions leveraging the optimal transportation mode to deliver in line with our customer’s specific needs. We deliver timely and cost effectively.

We have an established customer base in almost every industry from FMCG, retail, processing, construction, and agriculture

Our customers include reputable companies such as;

  • Unga Limited
  • Unga Farmcare E.A Ltd
  • Mea Fertilizer
  • National cereals and produce board
  • Kenya Tea Development Authority
  • Chai trading

Across Kenya and East Africa we handle and transport over 250,000 metric tons annually. Through our established infrastructure and dynamic capabilities, we are able to integrate and customize services that enhance customer benefits and generate tangible value.

Our multi-brand structures ensures that we optimize the benefits, scale and synergies that are derived from large scale businesses, while retaining agility, customer focus and entrepreneurial flair that often characterizes smaller businesses.